KTex Platinum Trousers

KTex Platinum Trousers

About KTex Platinum:

Extraordinary stiffness meets perfect fit in our new flagship shooting wear, the Ktex Platinum. This is simply the best shooting wear we have ever produced and, perhaps, the best in the world. Four decades of design and manufacturing expertise contributed to its development, and we got it right.

Made in Finland.

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Key features

  • The stiffness of the new KTex material is optimized to give the best possible stability for shooter to improve the performance
  • Designed excellence for all 3 shooting positions
  • All the material choices are made to allow the best natural position
  • The smart placement of the top grip material prevents sliding and holds in different positions
  • Clarino under the left arm holds the arm in the standing position


Made in Finland.

Materials and care:

KTex & Canvas

Shooting wear should never be washed, as water may have adverse effects on the fabric stiffness. In addition, colour from the leather parts may bleed off causing discoloration of the white KTex and canvas fabrics while wet. You can lightly rub the canvas with a wet cotton cloth. Do not use water excessively.


Leather parts can be wiped with a moist cloth. You can use leather detergents for cleaning the leather parts.


(material on left front that looks like suede) Clarino is man-made material and detergents intended for suede are not suitable for cleaning it. Never apply suede detergent on clarino! You can try to clean clarino parts only with detergents meant for regular clothes.