Taking care of the shootingwear

Taking care of the shootingwear

A shooting jacket should always be transported and stored without bending it at waist. Always keep your jacket topmost in your equipment bag. Shooting jackets and pants should never be washed. If the shooting clothes get wet they should be dried on a clothes hanger in room temperature.


  • Shooting clothing should never be washed, because water can harm the treatment that keeps the canvas stiff. In addition, the leather parts may give off their colour to the white canvas if the jacket gets wet. The black canvas may get some scratches when used. To remove those white marks you can slightly rub the canvas with a wet cotton cloth. Do not use too much water.


  • Leather parts can be wiped with a moist cloth. You can use leather detergents for cleaning the leather parts.


  • (Material on left front that looks like suede) Clarino is artificial material and suede detergents are not suitable for cleaning it. Never apply suede detergent on Clarino! You can try to clean Clarino parts only with detergents meant for normal clothes.

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