Coldwinner pants

Coldwinner pants

  • Coldwinner is great at regulating body temperature in both cold and warm weather
  • Use Coldwinner underwear directly against the skin
  • The Coldwinner pants have thin Lycra panels in the back of the knees for comfort
  • Coldwinner underwear has padding in the important places but is not unnecessarily thick where not required
  • ISSF Rules allow underwear to be 2.5 mm thick
  • This material is only 1.1mm thick, which is why we use double (2 x 1.1 = 2.2 mm) thickness in the necessary places: the back of the sleeves, shoulder area and the front of the chest
  • These twin layers of material are more comfortable and reduce the effect of the pulse from the sling in prone/kneeling and from the elbow on the body in standing

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Materials & Care :

96% Polyester
4% Elastane

40 Degree wash
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron

Coldwinter pants sc