Deluxe small

Deluxe small

  • Made of strong fabric with water-proof PVC-plastic bottom and a non-slip, one piece TOP GRIP elbow section
  • The internal pads consist of 10mm waterproof polyethene with closed cells, which does not absorb water and protects the shooter from cold rising from the floor
  • The filling is made with two separate pads: one firm and one soft one
  • A zipper in the side allows for easy individual adjustment of thickness and firmness
  • Firm or soft padding can be used on top according to the shooters wish
  • Our shooting Mats have been used in both civilian and military competitions at all levels up to Olympics and CISM World Games
  • Waterproof, for elbows only, 80 x 50 cm, blue
  • Made in Finland


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Materials and care:

58% PVC
22% Polyethylene
2% Leather
3% Other