Solid Grip – short

Solid Grip – short

  • Solid-Grip Glove is a combination of the best characteristics of Top Grip and Solid models
  • It is specially developed for standing positions: When the shooter keeps the rifle on the fist or on the palm in the standing position
  • The back of the glove is made with stable Solid material, supporting the wrist in standing and reducing the pressure of the shooting sling in prone/kneeling
  • In standing when supporting the rifle on the fist the Top Grip part on the back of the fingers provides a high friction support area for the rifle
  • The Top Grip patch on the palm is giving the same high friction when keeping the rifle on the palm
  • Made in Finland

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Materials and care:

Shell: 13% Polyamide | 8% Polyurethane | 72% Leather | 7% Polyester

Patches: 97% PVC | 3% Cotton

Lining: 80% Polyurethane | 20% Cotton

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